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Info about 'Institutionalised to Inspired' Career Transition Course

Tom Wheelhouse and I discuss the upcoming workshop here.


Migrant Leaders joins Empowerment Online


Migrant Leaders connects 16-25 year olds from disadvantaged backrounds or those who are first or second generation migrants to world class careers mentors from FTSE100 and blue chip companies. And it's entirely free for students and schools. I absolutely love working with them and love nothing better than connecting …


Institutionalised to Inspired Career Transition Course

Another collaboration with Mightify! Looking forward to sharing our successful career transition stories and helping you to build yours. Join us 


Parent, Teacher, Help! Workshop

It was amazing to connect with incredible women making changes for a greater work-life balance on Monday. Sharing our common barriers and stratgeies to break through them, we finished the session wondering "What if we are enough?". I'm looking forward to more of these in the future.


New Workshop: 22nd March

The 'HELP! I'm a teacher, a parent and now I don't know what to do with my life!' workshop. 10 am Monday 22nd via Zoom. Sign up here


The Event Platform is here

Have FOMO from missing the event? Have no fear the event platform is here! Visit here to explore.


Overcoming Adversity Training

Delivering Overcoming Adversity Wellbeing training for the LTE group and their Novus colleagues. It was a pleasure and a privelege.


The Frontline Fulfilment Event!

The Frontline Fulfilment event this weekend was incredible. We had global engagement and so many people came together to imagine a people centred future for those on the frontline. To access the event for free visit the Frontline Fulfilment page.


Women in Ed talk for Dixons Teaching Institute

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