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The Future Frontline

Imagining a people-first future across emergency services and education.


Coaching the Whole Person

Naomi Ward, Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Adele Testa join Tom Wheelhouse to discuss how coaching can enhance our lives.

Mental Fitness on the Frontline

Louise Murphy, Maria Brosnan, Dr Carla Stanton and Toby Cowern join Kathryn to discuss mental fitness.

Practical and Proactive Suicide Prevention

Professor Jo Clarke, Sam Smith, Dr Zain Sikafi and Al McGregor join Tom Wheelhouse to discuss practical and proactive suicide prevention.

Flexible Working on the Frontline

Lizzy Swan, Lindsay Patience and Kate Jarman join Kathryn Grice to discuss Flexible Working across the sectors.

Retention Crisis: What Happens Next?

Beth Sparks and Michael Heverin join Kathryn Grice and Tom Wheelhouse to discuss leaving their vocations.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Hamira Shah, Raj Kohli and Hannah Wilson join Kathryn to discuss equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Values Based Leadership

Raj Kohli, Sara Catterall, David Hermitt and Roger Steare join Tom to discuss.

Future Frontline

Karen Mead, Professor Jo Clarke and Andy Mellor join Kathryn and Tom to discuss.


Values Based Leadership and Positive Psychology

Rebecca Day and Al McGregor join Tom to discuss values, character strengths and positive psychology. Find out more about Al's work here.

The Policing Brain with Dr Jess Miller

Tom is joined by Dr Jess Miller to discuss the policing brain. Find more from Jess here.

Development and Value of Peer Support - Syd Gravel

Syd is a 31-year veteran and former Staff Sergeant of the Ottawa Police Service & an over 33-year survivor of PTSD. He is the author of "56 Seconds" & “How to Survive PTSD."

Journey from Within - Sharon Herbet

Sharon discusses cognitive hypnotherapy, PTSD and policing with Tom. Find more about Sharon and her work here.

Moral Injury and Embitterment with Claire Carter

Clare is an author and researcher on psychological injury in frontline services, former support worker and advocate for police PTSD & Domestic Abuse services. Find out more here.

Metrics of Mental Fitness by Kenn Devane

Founder of MineTech which focuses on marketing analytics based around predictive text and data mining. Find out more about Kenn's work here.

Nature Engagement and Resilience by Toby Cowern

Based in Scandinavia, Toby's unique fusion of teaching background, risk management qualifications, military training and outdoors experience allows him to deliver Wilderness and Urban Survival Skills training of the highest calibre. Find out more about Toby's work here.

The Heart-Brain Connection

Maria Brosnan and Dr Carla Stanton discuss heartmath and offer practical advice.

Teacher Resilience - Dr Stephanie Ainsworth

Stephanie discusses resilience and why it is not always the teacher's issue to solve.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Tom and Kathryn talk to Toby Cowern about nature's positive impact on our mental health and learn some top tips.

Career Support

Two Crucial Questions for Career Success

Tom offers his expert advice on changing careers.

How Much is Enough? Financial Planning Dan Haylett

Dan discusses financial planning. To find out more about Dan's work visit here.

Change by Peter Weaver

Peter has worked in the public sector for the past thirty years in operational, training and management roles. Find more about Peter here.


Purposeful Educators

Find out more about Purposeful Educators and founder Naomi Ward here.

Pursuit Wellbeing

Maria Brosnan talks about Pursuit Wellbeing. Find out more about Maria on her website and connect with her on Twitter @MariaBrosnan.


Petros are are highly skilled and qualified in the field of psychological well-being and resilience. Click here to find out more.

Teach Healthy

To find out more about Teach Healthy visit their website.


Find out more about CollectiveEd by visiting their website.