The Teacher Empowerment Project

I wanted to make contact to say thank you for an enjoyable and informative day that left me feeling there were options for me to move forward in my professional life. Just when I thought I had exhausted all possibilities, the Teacher Empowerment event offered many suggestions I had not thought of. There were a variety of different stands and different approaches. I felt including alternative health and entrepreneurship, alongside, coaching, side-stepping career moves and tracks within education itself really added richness and depth to the event. It also boosted my confidence to see, what I saw as, so much support for the professional skills of teachers. Please add me to your mailing list and also I would be interested in helping with any further events you may organise. I find that I feel passionate about Teacher Empowerment as a concept and would like to be of service to the project.
"Thanks so much for this morning. It was so helpful and just what I needed - definitely feeling empowered and excited about starting!" - Coaching client, March 2021
"Thank you for organising such a fantastic day on the 5th October. I suspect this will be the start of many such events as there is a definitely a demand from teachers all over the country. There was a good representation from different companies and it was great that delegates had the opportunity to talk to them 1:1 about their individual circumstances. The breakout sessions were very valuable." - Empowerment event attendee
"After attending The Teacher Empowerment event a couple of weeks ago, and realising that alternatives exist, I started looking/applying for jobs. After putting myself “out there”, I was contacted by a school who thought I might be a good fit for a role they had found difficult to fill. After visiting the school and a subsequent interview, I was offered a job! I am pleased to say the school, staff and SLT seem lovely: happy for me to be part time, offering me a TLR and fully supportive in furthering my career development. I resigned yesterday 😊 So yeah, not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty darn empowered right now!!! Thank you for reminding me of my worth." - Teacher Empowerment Event Attendee
" Kathryn has been such a practical and encouraging source of advice about my next steps in education. Her love of supporting colleagues in the education industry is genuine and enthusiastic. She has been so generous with her time, suggestions, contacts and, more importantly when embarking on a new venture, encouragement. She believes in those she mentors. Now I’ve just got to deliver on my ideas! Thank you." - Coaching Client - October 2020
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the Teacher's Empowerment Event. I left my teaching job in July and wasn't sure which direction to take. The talks from Jessica and Eileen really inspired me and I left feeling very positive about the future. Since the event I have got a job working part time for the council as an advisory teacher and I have trained as a Wellbeing Life Coach. I had already trained as a Relax kids Coach and in Story Massage so I am now in the process of setting up my Wellbeing business to work with teachers and children ( I am feeling very positive about the future now." - Teacher Empowerment Event Attendee
"LOVED the event. It was fantastic value for money and the help, support and advice I received was priceless. Thank you so much!" - Teacher Empowerment Event Attendee


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