The Teacher Empowerment Project


The Empowerment project aims to empower people to take their careers in to their own hands. This could be in the form of going for that promotion, trying out a different sector, being bold enough to follow your dreams in or out of your sector, or simply by realising that you are a valuable asset, worth investing in and that your options are endless.

The Empowerment Project

The Teacher Empowerment Project was born from the dream of being able to provide space and time for other teachers to think about their own careers and take matters into their own hands. It started as a Twitter account (@TeacherEmpower) which provided teachers the opportunity to speak about their career concerns via the DM function and ask for advice, but it fast became a plan to bring lots of people together who could help and support each other to make positive changes in their careers. Changes such as moving job, changing sector, diversifying their income, gaining CPD, meeting wellbeing experts, networking with like-minded people and much more.

The Empowerment Event

The Teacher Empowerment Event (London Academy of Excellence, London 2nd May, 2020) is an event that aims to speak to teachers and empower them with options. It will be as space where you can come and get an ego boost and fill your boots with options regarding how you can make changes in your career to make it work for you. Whether that’s through progressing and accessing world class CPD, by changing jobs or sector, by diversifying your income or even looking at your options outside of the classroom.  Teachers are valuable, desirable members of the workforce and if your current workplace isn’t giving you what you need to be happy, well, someone else out there will.

As for the day itself, think: careers fair with the added bonus of inspirational speakers and career workshops. Come and browse for a couple of hours, listen to speakers, meet employers and partake in workshops. Finally, use the rest of your day to make the most of what London has to offer – make some time for you!

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This event is for all teachers: those that are driven and want more from their careers, teachers who love life in the classroom and want to see what else they could do to boost this, those that on the verge of burn out that think nobody wants them (we want you), those that are burned out and about to quit and, even those who have quit. You’re all far more skilled than you’ll ever let yourselves believe and we want you to realise this.

The event will bring together people who are looking to work in education in a variety of sectors (both in and out of the classroom) and those looking to employ them. It will bring people together who are having a positive effect in changing things for the better such as Flexible Teacher Talent and MTPT project. It will provide opportunities for teachers to shop for, hear about, discuss and partake in world class CPD – CPD that can inspire and push your career further. It also aims to provide options for those who might be looking to diversify their income so they can potentially reduce their hours and free up some of their time for more of what else makes them tick. We dream of helping teachers by making them feel like they alone decide the fate of their career, that they are the driving force and that they own their careers. Think: empowerment.

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