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Nourish The Workplace - Empower Yourself to Make Wellbeing Count

Kimberley Evans

Kimberley Evans set up Nourish the Workplace to make a difference to the profession that she loves. After seeing many people leave education due to unhappiness and workload she made a commitment to show schools how easy it is to improve staff wellbeing.

Nourish the Workplace gives schools the tools it needs to prioritise and celebrate staff wellbeing It provides the tools to give every member of staff a voice and helps the school recognise their staff and their particular needs.

This then progressed to providing individuals with support as well. Nourish Lifestyle Coaching provides practical help in productivity and happiness, Nourish to Flourish helps to understand the power of food and the right nutrition has on happiness and she provides CPD training to school and workshops at conferences on how to take responsibility for your own wellbeing.




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