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#Notice - Prioritising your Mental Health

Kathryn Grice

Me ranting on about my own mental health struggles and the reactions that I can get when I discuss this. (Sidenote - I aim to do a better job of this recording with a clearer head at a later date.)

Tips from the trenches:

  • Start by prioritising yourself and putting your own oxygen mask on first.
  • You're not alone and it's not all on you to articulate and make people feel better about your struggle.
  • There's lots of brilliant support services out there and there's zero shame in using them. Sometimes someone removed from the situation is exactly the person you need.

Here are a few helpful numbers if you do feel like you could do with a chat:

  • For a text conversation there's SHOUT 85258
  • For a phone conversation ther's the Samaritans 116 123
  • or Education Support Partnership 08000 562 561

You're not alone and I promise it will get better. 


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