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Grow Your Mindset

Gemma Sanchez and Elizabeth Cronshaw

Grow Your Mindset specialise in and has a passion for supporting schools in their journey to develop a whole school ethos, one where growth mindset becomes the foundation for learning for the whole community, involving all staff, children and parents. We focus on building mindset awareness, knowing that a Growth Mindset attitude and focus creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for accomplishment.

With our 25 years combined experience as classroom teachers and our work since 2016 we have seen children and adults make a mindset move, where they become more intrinsically motivated, determined and more resilient to deal with change, problems and setbacks that arise, therefore reducing the levels of anxiety and stress felt. Whatever we feed will grow, whether that be faith or fear, worry or confidence, doubt or belief and so using their newly found knowledge of mindset, self reflection and trigger awareness this, in the long term, can prevent the onset of mental illness later in life.

Embracing a Growth Mindset helps provide adults and children with the mental tools to develop a more growth orientated approach towards learning, as well as a more positive approach to any given situation. Knowing that your ability can be developed through hard work, effort, persistence, good strategies and seeking feedback, opens opportunities to all learners, plus the power of knowing you can improve, impacts enormously on our mental attitude, self-belief and focus.


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