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Maria Brosnan

Maria discusses the importance of connection.

Maria is an educational leadership and wellbeing specialist, coach and trainer and the founder of Pursuit which is dedicated to the wellbeing of teachers, school leaders and school staff. 

Over a 30-year period, Maria has worked in a variety of wellbeing capacities; from counselling end stage cancer patients to wellbeing training with school leaders.

Prior to developing Pursuit, Maria’s passion for education saw her co-found and manage two award-winning education technology businesses, The Story Spinner and Striver.

She was a Director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and is currently on the board of Trustees for a London bereavement charity.

Maria says of Pursuit that they are there to: "help you manage stress, anxiety and daily school pressures, with practical, research-driven information and support.
We offer an online “5-Step Wellbeing Action Plan” course, using the framework fo the 5 ways to wellbeing, for all school staff.

And a podcast, where expert guests share their stories, wisdom and ever-practical insights and advice for educators."

Visit https://pursuitwellbeing.com/ to find out more.


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