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From Burnout to Boundaries

Lizzy Swan

The Square Pegs Education UK helps schools retain their best staff and teachers sustain their well-being.  Drawing upon 18 years of teaching in schools including 12 years at Senior Leadership and Headship, The Square Pegs' Director Lizzy Swan offers coaching, consultancy and training based upon the principles of positive psychology.  Lizzy is based in Suffolk but travels around the UK delivering coaching, consultancy and training workshops online and in-person to education settings, teachers and support staff.  Lizzy is proud to be collaborating with www.didteach.com on wellbeing workshops this year.  Workshop one supports teachers with an empowered return to work after a career break or gap due to ill health, workshop two provides teachers with the knowledge and confidence to apply for flexibility in the workplace and workshop three empowers teachers to build boundaries and sustain their own well-being.  


To book your place on a workshop or to find out more about one to one coaching, email thesquarepegsuk@gmail or DM me on twitter @Pegsuk 

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