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Professor Rachel Lofthouse

About CollectivED

CollectivED The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching & Professional Learning is a research and practice centre in The Carnegie School of Education. It was established in October 2017 and is led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse. CollectivED is a community of teachers and other professionals, academics and students with shared interests. Our values and purposes are to encourage and enable collaborative conversations which create powerful professional learning, to build capacity in the work of educators and leaders to create contexts which support inclusive career-long and profession-wide learning, to break down barriers to professional development through positive engagement with the education sector and allied practitioners and to increase the opportunities for educational change through enhanced  professional agency and well-being.
CollectivED works to expanding the available knowledge base on coaching, mentoring and collaborative professional development through research, make the knowledge base accessible and develop new approaches to active knowledge exchange. We also offer a suite of CPD provision to support enhanced professional learning and the development of practice and build regional, national and international networks through publications, events and social media. 

The CollectivED Working Papers

CollectivED publish a Working Paper Series. Practitioners , researchers, and members of professional and grass-roots organisations are invited to submit articles. For more information please email R.M.Lofthouse@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

Published issues of the CollectivEd Working Papers | Guidance for writing working papers.

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