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The Reach Out Project

Emmanuel Awoyelu

The Reach Out Project was founded in 2017 by friends Lillian and Michaela, to help combat the lack of social, cultural and enriching opportunities afforded to young people living in inner-city London.

It came after the pair went to a sold-out Stormzy gig at the Brixton O2 Academy in 2017. They noticed that although Stormzy represented the youth of inner-city London, his audience that night did not reflect that. A large part of the chaperoned audience were young, Caucasian children. Outside the venue, however, on the streets of Brixton, were many young people of African & Caribbean descent.

Lillian and Michaela spotted a paradox between those enjoying the gig, and those outside the venue. It was at that moment the idea for a community project was born; one that would give young people in London the opportunity to access cultural experiences that they otherwise could not afford or would not have access to.

Find out ways to get involved or support The Reach Out Project by visiting www.reachoutproject.co.uk

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