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Be Her Lead - Empower the Young Women in Your Schools

Sabina and the Be Her Lead team


About Be Her Lead:

  • Be Her Lead trains female teachers to run workshops for girls to support confidence, wellbeing and aspirations. We are a non-profit social enterprise founded by teachers.
  • The core of our work is training passionate female teachers to create empowering, intersectional spaces for girls in schools. Spaces where they feel safe sharing their stories, supported in pursuing their dreams, and comfortable being curious, creative and playful together.
  • We are strong believers in mentorship and community as tools for empowerment; that's why we're proud to be part of the Teacher Empowerment Project. As teachers ourselves, we know that ambitious women in teaching have the power to be uniquely valuable role models and mentors, so we tap into that potential. Find out more about our programme and network at www.beherlead.com.


Context for our work:

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