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teaglo, the teacher social network, is the only global social platform designed specifically for teachers. It offers educators an exclusive space to seek advice and share knowledge, browse free resources and to find their next dream job.
Both teachers and schools have access to a range of exciting features and tools on teaglo, including a professional teacher brand or school profile, a personalised social feed featuring  educational news, teaching tips and insights and exciting career opportunities.


teaglo is free for teachers, and always will be.

teaglo launched in September 2018, and now has a growing membership of 5000+ teachers from over 600 schools in 125 countries.


  • Build your professional profile
  • Connect with like-minded teachers
  • Search jobs from the UK and all over the world
  • Follow schools and teacher influencers
  • Post, comment, like and share to your social feed
  • Unlimited access to 1000s free resources


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